If i view it comin’, perform I manage otherwise do We give it time to become?

If i view it comin’, perform I manage otherwise do We give it time to become?

[HAMILTON] We thought death really they seems more like a memory space When’s it planning to rating me personally? During my sleep? Eight ft ahead of me personally? Could it be such as for instance a beat in place of a beat? Get a hold of, We never imagine I might live past twenty Where I-come of certain get 1 / 2 of as much Ask anybody why we livin’ timely and we make fun of, take an excellent flask We must make this second history, that is a whole lot

Scrape this is not an extra, it is the direction Where all the hungriest brothers that have Something to show ran? Opposition contradict all of us, we capture a respectable sit We move such as for example Moses, claimin’ the assured property And? Whenever we winnings the independence? ‘Zat a pledge regarding liberty for the descendants? Or have a tendency to the latest bloodstream we destroyed begin an eternal Stage out of vengeance and you may death without defendants? I am aware the experience in the pub are excitin’ But Jesus, ranging from every bleedin’ ‘letter fightin’ I have been readin’ ‘n writin’ We need to manage our financial predicament Was i a nation regarding says? What is the county of our own nation? I am earlier patiently waitin’. I am passionately Smashin’ all assumption Most of the action’s a work off production! I am laughin’ when confronted with casualties and you will sorrow On first-time, I am thinkin’ past the next day

[HAMILTON And you will Business] I am also not throwing away my test I’m not wasting my personal attempt Hey yo, I am same as my nation I am more youthful, scrappy and you can hungry And you may I am not saying throwing away my try [HAMILTON/LAURENS/ LAFAYETTE/MULLIGAN] We’re gonna rise! We’re going to rise up! We’re likely to

Time for you to take a go!

[LAURENS] Boost a windows so you can freedom Something that they cannot distance themself Long lasting they reveal Raise a glass to your five of us


[BURR] You’ll find nothing steeped people like more than heading downtown and you may slummin’ it towards the poor It pull-up within carriages and you will gawk At college students about preferred Merely to check out them chat Bring Philip Schuyler: the guy is loaded Uh-oh, however, absolutely nothing do he know that His daughters, Peggy, Angelica, Eliza Slip for the city just to check out most of the boys at-

[The Men] She is lookin’ for me! [ANGELICA] Eliza, I’m lookin’ getting a mind at the office I’m lookin’ getting a brain at the office! I’m lookin’ having a mental working! Whooaaaaa!

[BURR] xmeeting Profil Wooh! There clearly was nothin’ like summer around Someone in a rush near to anybody lookin’ pretty Excuse-me, skip, I understand it’s not comedy But your perfume smells like your own daddy’s got currency Why you slummin’ around in your adore heels You searchin getting an enthusiastic urchin who’ll give you beliefs?

[ANGELICA] I have been learning Sound judgment by the Thomas Paine Therefore men say one to I am severe otherwise I’m crazy You desire a trend? Needs the truth So hear my report:

[SCHUYLER Siblings And you can Providers] Regarding better town international! [ANGELICA] Cuz I was understanding Good sense by the Thomas Paine So boys say that I’m extreme otherwise I am wild

[ANGELICA/ELIZA/PEGGY] We hold such facts getting self evident that all people are built equal Whoo! [ELIZA/PEGGY] Shop around, check around

[Complete Providers] Research rates, look around on just how fortunate we are to get live proper now! History is occurring inside the Manhattan therefore we only are generally

[SEABURY] Pay attention to ye, tune in to ye! I’m called Samuel Seabury And i introduce “100 % free Ideas on what’s going on of the Continental Congress!” Follow perhaps not the rabble just who scream trend They have not your own appeal planned

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